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Pxssy Palace

Pxssy Palace is an arts platform rooted in intentional nightlife, celebrating Black, Indigenous and People of Colour who are Queer, Intersex, Trans or Non-binary.

WHAT IS PXSSY PALACE? Pxssy Palace is an arts platform rooted in intentional nightlife, celebrating Black, Indigenous and People of Colour who are Queer, Intersex, Trans or Non-binary. We provide space to dance, connect and engage, whilst encouraging consent, sexual freedom, pleasure, expression and exploration of our authentic selves.

WHO CAN COME TO PXSSY PALACE? Honestly, anyone. This has always been the case, BUT we do ask those who are not from the community that we are celebrating (Queer Women, Intersex, Non-binary and Trans BIPOC) to ask themselves why they are coming? Who are they coming with? And if they are coming, how are they contributing to the space?

WHY? Ways that allies and accomplices can contribute to Pxssy Palace and our community include:

  • Paying more money for entry
  • Giving generously to the taxi fund
  • Supporting your family and friends who are from the community, both in and outside of our events
  • Being aware of the space you take up, how your behaviour may make others feel and to not walk the runway

INTENTIONAL SPACES Pxssy Palace has a zero tolerance policy for sexual and/or physical harassment or violence. Anyone who does not follow this policy while partying with us will be asked to leave. If you experience behaviour in any form then please report it to PP Support.

PP SUPPORT PP Support are a group of 5-15 trained QTIBPOC who look after the space and our guests. Their role is to bridge the gap between party goers and the security/venue team, and to look out for your wellbeing. The team is identifiable by pink led light arm bands. PP Support will be on hand throughout the venue if you need to report a problem and if you cannot find one there will also be a designated PP support area. This area will be located on the venue map that is posted before the club night to find out where they will be stationed. PP Support are trained by Pxssy Palace and by Good Night Out who provide training on how to better understand, respond to and prevent sexual harassment and assault.

THE RUNWAY The Runway is an attitude and confidence based competition and is a space for those who want to be celebrated by the whole club at once. We encourage those who are not dancers, or dressed to the theme to also take part. Please check social media for set times to find out what time the runway starts.

THE THEME Each of our events have a theme - however there is never any pressure to dress up. Come in whatever makes you feel comfortable.

FOOD We aim to provide food vendors with meat and vegan options at every event that we do. Please check our social media prior to an event of ours to find out what will be on offer

THE SANCTUARY We always ensure that there is space for us to dance, but for those that want to chill, ‘The Sanctuary is a place to sit and relax, rehydrate, and take a moment away from the dance floor. ‘The Sanctuary’ differs for each of our events and features multiple vendors for you to enjoy such as massage, beauty therapy, hair care, art, and a community library. Check the Instagram to find out which vendors are there.

THE TAXI FUND Our Taxi Fund is set up to contribute to BIPOC trans & disabled guests’ travel expenses to get home safely from our events. We collect donations for the Taxi Fund on the door, throughout the night and on our PayPal which is linked on our Instagram and website. Please email in advance or let us know on your way in if you require this service. Please be aware that taxi requests close 30 minutes before the event is over and the maximum amount we can book is £30. Please pre book before an event by adding your name, postcode and event you require a taxi home from here/link in bio

MUSIC The music will vary throughout the night from Club, Bashment, House, Grime, Ballroom, Jersey, R&G, Techno, Bollywood, Garage, Gqom, Amapiano, UK Funky, Dembow, Bass, Footwork and much, much more.

One room will always feature DJs who play R&B, Hip-Hop, Afrobeats and Pop every month although this will sometimes be heard in the mainroom too.

We book DJ’s who make noise, tell stories, teach us something new and hold our emotions of joy, rage and sadness.

We encourage you to check them out before the show and support them on and off the dancefloor.

BUDDY SYSTEM The first hour of our events is a dedicated slot for solo ravers to meet and make new friends before the party gets busy. There will be Pxssy Palace staff to welcome you and introduce you to make friends.

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We operate in London.

Accessibility information

ACCESSIBILITY Pxssy Palace aims to be as accessible as possible for low income Queer Women, Intersex, Non-binary and Trans Black, Indigenous and People of Colour. We have a limited number of free tickets set aside for each event, however if you need access to a free ticket please email

Free tickets are made possible by guests who purchase the higher cost tickets to support access for lower income members of our community. We encourage everyone who can afford to to buy the higher priced tickets, especially if you are not someone from the community that Pxssy Palace aims to centre.

Pxssy Palace aims to provide a video of the venue we are using or a floor plan so that guests can understand the space they are entering, we also offer a queue jump and discounted tickets for aids and support workers, please email us prior to an event to secure this service. We aim to use venues that are wheelchair accessible and close to public transport, have at least one accessible toilet, gender neutral bathrooms and seating in all areas. Furthermore, we do not use strobe lighting or go heavy on the smoke machine. PP Support & the venue staff are available if you need any further assistance too. We use different venues from time to time, for more detailed information on accessibility please contact the venue directly who will be posted on our Instagram.

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