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PECS Education

PECS EDUCATION - is a trans masc, non-binary strength and conditioning class.

Our names are Kole Fulmine and Georgie Okell, we are trans masc, non-binary personal trainers and fitness professionals.

What will we do in this hour long session? We will lift weights and use bodyweight movements in order to condition and tone areas of the body that you may be experiencing dysphoria with. This is an open and safe forum to discuss our trans bodies and will be ever evolving in terms of the way we train. We will guide you through correct alignment and positioning of weights so that you can make some serious gains and avoid injury. If you’re looking for somewhere to talk through hormone use and the impact of taking T on your body, or even somewhere to share lived experience of being trans, then this is it.

We would love to hold space for all those who identify on the queer spectrum, and would prefer to avoid labels, however, from personal (quite detrimental) experience the fitness industry just does not work in that way. (Another discussion topic!) So, this space is intentionally enclosed as we feel the industry lacks a class entirely devoted to us trans bois.

You don’t need to bring anything other than some water, or a container to fill up. Please message us directly if you would like advice on clothing, or any other concerns you have regarding the gym itself. Basis Gym will be closed to other members during our session. There are toilets and changing rooms available. Please be aware these are labelled in a binary way and public.

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Brunswick East,
Ground Floor,
17 Amhurst Terrace,
E8 2BT

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Opening times

  • Saturday 1:30pm – 2:30pm

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